The production of the LeafBed
What is it made of ?  
The LeafBed is solely made of cardboard.
Is it made of recycled cardboard ?
The cardboard is made of recycled paper and wood fiber (a renewable resource) which allows the LeafBed to resist to high humidity rates.
Where is it manufactured ?
To produce the LeafBed, Leaf Supply temporary diverts the production process of the cardboard packaging industry. Thus, It can be manufactured in any cardboard factory, that is to say in almost every country.
Who is producing it ?
The main global cardboard manufacturers in partnership with Leaf Supply.
Is it possible to produce the LeafBed in large quantities ?
Definitely, thousands of beds can be produced in a few hours.
How long is it delivered ?
As the LeafBed is produced close to the needs and on-demand, it can be delivered in short notice (1-5 days).
How is it delivered ?
Without any request, and to optimize the delivery process, LeafBeds are delivered on two  pallets, of two different kinds : 110x150x180 and 190x80x180 cm.
What is the packaging ?
Without any request, the LeafBeds are put on pallets and wrapped with plastic.

Product features
Every test mentioned has been validated by the FCBA which is a lab and a technical center specialized in furniture testing and certification.
How much is it ?
A delivered LeafBed costs between 15 and 20 euros.
Is it resistant ?
It can withstand up to 300 kg and it lasts 6 months at least.
Is it comfortable ?
As comfortable as a « normal camp bed » ? The LeafBed successfully passed ergonomics and comfort tests. It perfectly meets acknowledged comfort standards. It is a bit more firm than a “normal bed camp” but its thermic comfort is better. It can be even more comfortable with a blanket and thin matteress.
Is it waterproof ?
Like any camp bed, the LeafBed has to be used indoor, so it does not need to be waterproof. If a liquid is put on the bed, you just have to mop it up.  However, The LeafBed can face a very high hygrometry (up to 40°C and 75 % of relative humidity in the atmosphere) and lasts three months.
Is it inflammable ?
It is resistant to cigarette. If a cigarette falls on the bed, it will not burn. Nevertheless, like any other bed it is inflammable.
Is it eco-friendly ?
It is really eco-friendly because it is made of recycled paper and wood fiber, which are renewable resources. It is also recyclable and biodegradable.
What are the trap doors made for ? They allow users to store their belongings, which prevent thefts at night.
Can it be easily stocked ?
Yes, it is compounded by light foldable cardboard boards.
What are its main upsides compared to a « normal bed camp » ?
It is cheaper, evolutionary, eco-friendly, not rare in emergency situations (it can be produced in large quantities, quickly produced, it can be delivered in a few hours…
Can it be customized ?
It can, it is easily printable in several colours So it can be printed with the logo of the customers and sponsors, or with security instructions.

The assembly of the product
Does it require tools ?
It does not. However, if you want to assemble many beds, do it with gloves so it will be more comfortable, like with any other repetitive tasks.
Where the instructions can be found ?
They are on the external part of each module.
How long does it take to assemble a bed ? As soon as you are familiar with the product, it will take between 2 and 3 minutes to assemble a LeafBed. We let you know that the assembly is intuitive and the learning curve is really high.
Is it possible to get small hand cuts while assembling ? The first LeafBed can generate small hand cuts. However, the new one has a system preventing hand cuts.
Can it be dismantled ?
Yes, it can.
Can it be re-used ?
Yes, easily.

Product use
Who can use the bed ?
Everybody can use the bed.
In which conditions ?
The LeafBed was made to be used in situations of temporary housing and/or situations of emergency. Yet, it lasts in the midterm : for instance, it has been deployed for 5 months in leper care centers and homes in Niger.
How long does it last ?  
The LeafBed passed endurance tests in labs and on the ground : its life span is over 6 months. It can last a lot more.
What can we do with it when it is not used as a bed ?
It can be used as a table, as seats or as trestles in order to meet the needs of temporary housing situations.
After using the bed, what to do ?
Cardboard can be easily recycled. Recycling industries and unformal process are present in many countries. If the bed is worn, it can be burned or composted.

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