The Deployment has been done easily and successfully with the help of the firemen of Niamey
900 questionnaires were administered on 8 specified dates (cf. examples in appendix)
Field intensive use tests
LeafBeds have been used in precarious housing (huts, shelters, outdoors…) on bumpy grounds and dirt floors. Grass mats and millet stems bed were used to sleep
LeafBeds have been used primarily in houses on bad quality floors (clay, dirt floor). Mattresses or grass mats were used to sleep
Kera Tegui
Lifespan In labs as well as in the field, the LeafBed lifespan is more than 6 months
Resistance Even on bad quality floors, the LeafBed did not deteriorate substantially after 6 months of use.
Comfort Users are satisfied with the LeafBed, particularly in hot conditions.
Modularity the LeafBed’s modularity is appreciated (space saving equipment during the day, lack of furniture, easily movable…)
Add-ons The LeafBed can be used with or without add-ons (mattress, blankets or grass mats)
Results After 6 months of use :
• The 99% of monitored LeafBeds are still used as beds
• All LeafBeds users interviewed did use the LeafBed with or without an add-on (grass mats, blankets, mattresses)
• The 99% of the interviewed users of the LeafBed are satisfied with its comfort and modularity
• The 85% of the interviewed users still have an undamaged LeafBed
Leafbed’s conditions of use
The 99% of interviewed users uses the LeafBed as a bed.

LeafBeds were used with or without an add-on. The 74% used it with mattress, blankets or mats.

Evolution of the leafBed conditions
After 6 months of use, the 85% of the interviewed users still have an undamaged LeafBed.

Users global satisfaction
After 1, 3 and 6 months of use, the 99% of the interviewed users are satisfied with the LeafBed.
100 LeafBed have been deployed in Niamey, Niger, since December the 10th 2010. They were given to people living in unstable precarious housing for a long time. After 6 months of intensive use, there are the tests results.
The 75% of LeafBeds have tracked out of the 100 LeafBeds (because of the leave of the person using the bed for instance)
LeafBeds have been in use in houses on good quality floors (tiling, lino, oilcloths) and on worse quality (clay, dirt floor). In most cases, a mattress was used to sleep
LeafBeds were delivered to men and women in 3 different districts of Niamey :
The deployment of 100 LeafBeds in Niger in December 2010, with the help of Shelter Box, the Rotary Club of Niamey and the Governor of Niamey support
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